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HRT Ranking – You You You – A celebrate Stratford music video

You You You – A celebrate Stratford music video

Submitted June 16 2020

Idea/Project Title:
You You You – A celebrate Stratford music video

Please provide a brief description of your idea/project. :
This video will be a love letter to Stratford’s tourists and supporters who can’t visit us during this time. A “we miss you” video from Stratford with love. “You You You” is a song about long-distance love and though a Stratford Festival like dramatic musical build up, concludes with getting ready to go to a show at the Festival Theatre – “You print the tickets, I will make a snack”.

The video would serve as the official music video for the song “You You You” from Dayna’s acclaimed 2019 release Morning Light; an album that was conceived as an ode to Stratford, featuring local professional musicians, designers, and engineers. The song “You You You” itself highlights the piano playing of Stratford Festival musical director, Franklin Braz.

The video concept is to employ an out of work Stratford Festival dancer (i.e. Colton Curtis, Jason Sermona, etc.) to choreograph and perform a beautiful dance all around Stratford’s many recognizable landmarks, businesses, and restaurants. Shots will be seamlessly cut together with backgrounds changing and interspersed with performance video by artist Dayna Manning around the Avon River and through downtown.

Our primary goal is to create a feel-good summertime video highlighting the world-class arts and businesses of Stratford, Ontario as an antidote to the glum realities of our current isolation due to COVID-19. The video will be completed with strict distancing protocols but portray a feeling of closeness and togetherness for Stratford fans far and wide.

Hear the song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajdFD9NTIFo

Link to syndicated review of Morning Light through post media ran throughout Canada

What is the proposed timeline for your idea/project? :
Film early July 2020. Post Mid July 2020, Release August 2020

Which Provincial reopening phase will allow this idea/project to be launched? :

Briefly describe the potential economic impact of this idea/project for our community. :
1. Featuring Stratford as a tourist destination highlighting various landmarks, restaurants, and businesses.

2. Employing out of work performing arts industries and others in the creative industry.

3. Marketing aspects through various channels: City of Stratford, Tourism Stratford, Invest Stratford, Dayna’s Fanbase, Canadian Music Industry, local restaurants and business, anyone involved with the project as well as relationships with the Stratford Festival and the Dayna’s community network.

4. Create an uplifting tourism video about Stratford featuring local artists as a way to create a positive feeling about Stratford within the community and beyond during the time of COVID-19

Please provide any budgeting details you may have, including cost estimates required to implement this idea/project. :
The total cost of the project budget is $12,000.

$9000 (75% of total budget) in funding will be provided by FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings)

In order for the project to proceed would like you to contribute 25% of the total budget, which would be $3000.

Budget Breakdown:
Director Darryl Lahteenmaa $1,500.00
Cinematographer Steve Anderson $1,200.00
Post-Production Slice Media $1,560.00
Other Expense digital archive $225.00
Production Assistant(s) Arminder Kheva $550.00
Other Expense catering Revival House $350.00
Location Rental if needed Factory 163 – 163 King St. Stratford $450.00
Other Expense production expenses $600.00
Producer Dayna Manning $2,500.00
Actors / Dancers (i.e. Colton Curtis) $1,500.00
Administration fee for granting $1565.00

Do you have a project lead or coordinator? If so , please provide contact info. :
Myself, Dayna Manning. dayna@daynamanning.com / 519.801.6539

Please advise if there are any other collaborators or organizations involved in this idea/project. Have they been contacted?:
Everyone listed and involved has been contacted and has committed to this project.

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