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HRT Ranking – The Community Movie Making Project

The Community Movie Making Project

Submitted June 22 2020

Idea/Project Title:
YLAC presents: The Community Movie Making Project

Please provide a brief description of your idea/project. :
To create a community environment by collaborating with the talents of Stratford residents & local businesses through the art of movie-making.
We aim to integrate the city of Stratford with unique storytelling by highlighting and exposing areas of our city in a new fun way.
Inspired by the Stratford Festival Production, we aim to provide an opportunity for our local artists, musicians, writers and actors to present their talents in a collective way. Opening a window for audiences everywhere to have a creative experience of Stratford before, during and after they visit.
We want to create 4 original and entertaining folklore short film pieces, building on myths of our great city that makes visiting Stratford even more enticing. By using non-fiction settings with fictional storytelling, we will be able to deliver this creative experience for tourists to feel connected with the community before even arriving. Highlighting tourists destinations to amplify what Stratford has to offer, we will create new buzz for our historical heritage and undiscovered places within our city.
Our project will also be accompanied by a ‘making of’ documented video series to help engage the audience via social media. It will be used throughout the project to create and to further amplify our social media platform for exposure as we complete the project.
We are uncorking the creative culture of Stratford whilst bringing community theatre into the next century.

What is the proposed timeline for your idea/project? :
The timeline for the initial run of the Community Movie-Making Project would take place over an estimated 4-6months. This timeline would include the work and completion of both elements, the “Making Of” video series as well as the 4 x short film instalments ready to be premiered & submitted. The broken down timeline would be as follows: Launching the “Call for Artists, Musicians, Writers & Actors” : 4 weeks Official Pre-Production of short films – Writing the scripts & curating them into a loose series, casting, location scouting & location lock, developing shooting schedules. : 4 weeks Official Production of Short films – shooting the short films : spread out over a time span of 4 weeks Post Production – Editing the short films in to their own pieces of art : 6 to 12 weeks 1a. The “making of” element would be curated from phase 1 to 4 of the timeline. With the goal of releasing micro episodes consistently throughout the timeline to keep the “hype” of the project alive.

Which Provincial reopening phase will allow this idea/project to be launched? :
Stage 2

Briefly describe the potential economic impact of this idea/project for our community. :
We believe this project would provide a positive economic impact to our community by adding another new, innovative & creative layer of media marketing to Stratford. With a consistent series of Stratford content being released, backed by production experience and value, Stratford would become this real life set that tourists and residents would be enticed to experience themselves whilst maintaining engagement during COVID-19.

Please provide any budgeting details you may have, including cost estimates required to implement this idea/project. :
Budget Breakdown:
Communal Workspace
Advertising (Social Media, Radio, Print)
Props, Costumes, Make Up
Equipment Rentals
Edit Suit Rental
Potential Venue Space Rental
COVID 19 Hygiene Products (Thermometer, masks, disinfectant, sanitizer)
Printing Costs
Total Budget Cost Estimate:

Do you have a project lead or coordinator? If so , please provide contact info. :
Leading the team will be Producers; Kris von Kleist (krisvonkleist@gmail.com / 8077277165 ) & Kimberly Jakeman (kmjakeman@gmail.com) both of which have flexible workloads and have had successful school & work experience in film production.

Please advise if there are any other collaborators or organizations involved in this idea/project. Have they been contacted?:
York Lane Art Collective (YLAC) is an active community arts platform with a growing following to support our endeavours, satisfying its mission as a collective that provides opportunities such as these for artists. YLAC would act as the initial platform and channel host, providing all information and updates regarding the project. YLAC would also act as the marketing lead, communicating with the potential collaborative businesses and media influencers to promote and cross-promote the project for exposure.
YLAC is Co-Managed by Claire Scott & Kris von Kleist

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