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HRT Ranking – Summer MusicBarge

Summer MusicBarge

Submitted June 2 2020
Stratford Summer will present musical artists on our popular Summer MusicBarge, each Saturday and Sunday afternoon during the August proposed dates of our 2020 festival: Aug 1 and 2, Aug 8 and 9, August 15 and 16, August 22 and 23.
Each weekend day would see TWO free to the public performances of 45 – 50 minutes in length. Artists will be predominately from Stratford and area, and represent a variety of musical styles, appealing to a wide audience.
The MusicBarge will float up and down the Avon River between the Waterloo Street Bridge and Tom Patterson Island, for the enjoyment of those walking and biking along the path and roadway.

Summer MusicBarge – View full proposal

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