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HRT Ranking – Lights On Stratford

Lights On Stratford

Submitted Aug 5 2020

This project seeks to maximize economic recovery opportunities for Stratford’s hospitality, retail, cultural and tourism sectors throughout the 2020/2021 Winter season by drawing regional visitors through the creation of a unique light festival that is free to the public.

2020/2021 represents a unique opportunity in that there’s a captive audience of several million people within a 2-hour radius of Stratford that will not be travelling abroad or south of the border and instead are being actively encouraged to seek out safe outdoor experiences within the region.

With the City itself as a dramatic stage, Lights On Stratford will transform downtown with luminous sculptures, interactive light installations, lighted ice sculptures, illuminating City Hall and the new Tom Patterson Theatre with projections, creating Shakespearean Gardens of a 1,000 Lights, and partnering with downtown storefronts to create a coordinated light experience using fluid light panels.

Collaborating with light designers and technical staff from the Stratford Festival, this will be a spectacle for all, and can be enjoyed safely outdoors. This initiative has strong potential to positively impact the full spectrum of Stratford’s tourism sector, including accommodators as the Lights On Stratford experience starts in the evening, encouraging overnight visitors.

Lights On Stratford is designed to become an annual Winter event that increases Stratford’s tourism diversification while leveraging its reputation as a World-class cultural destination. Modelled on successful attractions and events such as the Distillery District’s Toronto Light Fest, the large economic impact and lifetime value of a consistent visitor draw throughout the Winter months will lead to a more robust and sustainable local tourism industry.

Please view Project Proposal PDF.

Lights On Stratford

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