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HRT Ranking – Street Closures

Street Closures

Submitted June 17 2020

From: Anne Campion

I would like to submit a request that the Task Force consider putting forward as part of their Al Fresco project closure of some downtown streets to allow for park spaces to be potential walk ways or patios, to leave room for accessible pedestrian space AND for more outdoor seating in front of businesses and restaurants. Especially for those that do not already have existing front patios. Following the guidelines of 43 sq ft per customer from Public Health Unit alongside the 6 ft from table edge to table edged, both patio and indoor seating will be very limited this season should restaurants adhere to the combined guidelines. One concern is that patios will have too many customers if only 1 piece of the guideline is followed (6ft from each table edge). Once you put seats and a person in that seat there is no longer 6ft safe distancing between patrons. This adds risk to front of house servers adding them to our list of frontline workers. As visitors begin to come into the city, some from higher risk locations assuring the safety of our community while balancing our need to be back to work to keep our businesses open creates both a wonderful opportunity and a challenge to navigate. Thank-you for receiving this request. If the Task Force could have a point person connecting back to Hospitality & restaurants along the way as conversations take place within the Task Force would be helpful whenever possible. Thank-you for your work.

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