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HRT Ranking – (re)MADE in STRATFORD


Submitted June 14 2020
Re-Discovering Manufacturing History through Public Art

Idea/Project Title:
(re)Made in Stratford

Please provide a brief description of your idea/project. :
Early in the 20th century, Stratford produced 15% of all fine furniture manufactured in Canada. (re)Made in Stratford plans to install larger versions of Stratford furniture throughout the historic downtown, re-created by local manufacturers. This project will celebrate Stratford’s manufacturing history and its intersection with current artisans and manufacturers. It can also serve to highlight locations of historical interest. Residents and visitors alike will be invited to have a seat and create their own Instagram-able moments. Each chair will have a plaque designating the original manufacturer and date, the designer and manufacturer, along with the sponsor.

Which Provincial reopening phase will allow this idea/project to be launched? :
Any phase.

Briefly describe the potential economic impact of this idea/project for our community. :
The designers, material suppliers and builders will all benefit from the enhanced profile the chairs will lend to their operations. Because this project is unique, it will attract both local and international attention, and serve as a reminder of Stratford’s manufacturing prowess, along with its prominence in the arts. It will also contribute to Stratford’s reputation as an innovative community, thereby enhancing its attractiveness to potential investors and human capital.

Please provide any budgeting details you may have, including cost estimates required to implement this idea/project. :
This project is scalable– the plan is to start with at least two prototypes and others added. The domain name has been purchased for both .ca and .com platforms. We estimate up to $10, 000 to establish a website and social media presence. At this time we estimate $10-15,000 per chair.

Do you have a project lead or coordinator? If so , please provide contact info. :
Deanna Horton can be reached at horton.deanna@gmail.com and 416-908-5846. Doug Paraschuk, former lead designer at the Stratford Festival

Please advise if there are any other collaborators or organizations involved in this idea/project. Have they been contacted?:
Stratford Rotary Club has agreed to sponsor this project as part of its 100th anniversary commemoration activities. Mayor Dan Mathieson has been helpful in doing e-introductions to manufacturers. Deanna has spoken to Markham Street Films about doing a documentary on the project and they are very interested.  In addition, she’s been in touch with Gallery Stratford.  It would be great to have the chairs do wayfinding between the Festival Theatre and the Gallery.  Ideally, U Waterloo could participate with setting up a website and help with social media as a civic project.

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