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HRT Ranking – Parking Lot Plays

Parking Lot Plays

Submitted June 14 2020

Idea/Project Title:
Parking Lot Plays

Please provide a brief description of your idea/project. :
I am part of an ad-hoc group of local actors (we are also responsible for Sidewalk Scenes around town).

We have come to an agreement with The Bruce Hotel to have access to their parkade so that we can do “drive-in-live-theatre”. We have already started rehearsals for a four-person Romeo and Juliet (set in Stratford during COVID), and have bee approaching local business owners for in-kind support.

We will be able to accommodate a max of 12 vehicles per performance.

We already have a good track record locally with Sidewalk Scenes (www.sidewalkscenes.ca), as well as having produced Blind Date at the Red Lion Room the first week of March.

We anticipate this unique project being a success, and as such, believe it to be a worthwhile investment.

What is the proposed timeline for your idea/project? :
We plan to preview on July 2….and initially run on Thursday nights at 6pm for July & August. If the even proves popular, we will add more performances.

Which Provincial reopening phase will allow this idea/project to be launched? :
Phase Two has allowed for “drive-in movies theatres’ to reopen. Patrons stay in their vehicles.

Briefly describe the potential economic impact of this idea/project for our community. :
First and foremost, this will put money directly into the pockets of local artists whose season of work has been entirely wiped out. This production will also entice tourists (from the surrounding area: London, Kitchener, etc) to come for an “over-nighter”. As hotels re-open, we want to be part of the programming that gets people excited about spending money in our town on entertainment, food, and local shopping. The Arts has that track record. We are also offering an entirely unique experience that includes current COVID safety protocols – exemplifying how the Arts adapt. (audience members do NOT have to be guests of The Bruce Hotel. This experience is open to all.)

Please provide any budgeting details you may have, including cost estimates required to implement this idea/project. :
Currently – we are NOT paying ourselves for rehearsal. Modestly, if we were given financial support, it would be nice to pay the actors $200/wk (x4 actors) for 4 weeks rehearsal: $3200.00

Sound equipment: an amp, microphones: est $2000.00

Marketing: $1500.00

TOTAL: $6700.00 (ideal budget)

TOTAL: $3500 (alternate budget)

Do you have a project lead or coordinator? If so , please provide contact info. :
Rebecca Northan – 416-669-4006 email: rebecca@northan.com

Please advise if there are any other collaborators or organizations involved in this idea/project. Have they been contacted?:
The Bruce Hotel is our main supporter, providing our venue free of charge. Our concept is that Romeo and Juliet each belong to rival coffee shops in Stratford (“Two households, both alike in dignity, in fairest Stratford where we lay our scene.) …..Ann, from Revel is on board already. We have calls out to two other coffee shops in town, and are waiting for their replies. Rutherford Cremation and Funeral Services are also on board as an ‘in-kind’ sponsor who is lending us some key props/furniture.

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