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HRT Ranking – HOPE lightbox

HOPE lightbox

Submitted July 6 2020

Please provide a brief description of your idea/project. :
Like the TORONTO Lightbox sign in Nathan Phillips Square, I propose building our own word lightbox that is appropriate for our city. We all need “HOPE” in these trying times – COVID, the loss of tourism, BIPOC Lives Matter, unemployment, division of community , and isolation. The HOPE Lightbox would be approximately 8′ x 18′ and be 3 dimensional letters. It will be made of frosted lexan, suspended in a steel frame and lit from within by solar powered LED tape that can change colour. The community and tourists can add their own message to the our HOPE – via transparent adhesive labels that they may write their own message on. This would also be a huge photographic draw day and night.

What is the proposed timeline for your idea/project? :
Three weeks from approval to installation

Which Provincial reopening phase will allow this idea/project to be launched? :
Stage 2 or 3 depending on location.

Briefly describe the potential economic impact of this idea/project for our community. :
If installed in the Market Square, this creates community involvement in viewing and adding your “hope” inscription. Labels can be available from the downtown stores. It can be lit different colours for community events and awareness months. It is on a frame so it may be moved and stored. We would need to explore how the lexan behaves in our winter weather.

Please provide any budgeting details you may have, including cost estimates required to implement this idea/project. :
40 hrs build labour at $50, 8 hrs electrician labour – $2400. Lexan sheets $2700 or less if Festival donates existing stock, tube steel – donation, solar panel system and LED – $600, adhesive labels – $1000, Design and coordination labour – $3000, Engineering certificate $200. Total estimate is $10000 plus city installation.

Do you have a project lead or coordinator? If so , please provide contact info. :
Dana Osborne Gartner, 416 553 2374/ Andrew Mestern 519 274 0477

Please advise if there are any other collaborators or organizations involved in this idea/project. Have they been contacted?:
The hope is that the Stratford Festival or Northwestern School donates a shop space, the Festival donates the lexan and square tube steel. I have sent an email to the Festival’s Anita Gaffney and Simon Marsden to inquire. I also thought I could approach Hunter Steel for a donation of steel if the Festival can’t provide.

HOPE lightbox

  • Rank this idea for the following 5 metrics from 1-10 (Terrible-Excellent):
  • How affordable is this idea to implement?
  • How easy and fast will implementing this idea be?
  • How well does this idea align with Stratford as a unique cultural destination?
  • How well does this idea retain value over time?
  • Rank the Overall Economic Impact of the idea by tourism sector for the short-, mid- and long-term (2020, 2021, 2022+):

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