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HRT Ranking – Here For Now Open Air Theatre

Here For Now Open Air Theatre

Submitted May 26 2020

Stratford based independent theatre company Here For Now would like to propose a pop-up outdoor theatre season in Stratford this summer. We would offer three small shows; 2 one person plays and one re-mounted play with a cast of 3. The re-mount, Whack!, had a contract at the Blyth Festival this summer that was cancelled, along with the rest of the season at Blyth. The other 2 plays could easily be rehearsed at a social distance with just one actor and one director.

The idea would be to keep the performances flexible and to stay light on our feet so that we can accommodate whatever changes in covid-19 regulations come up, including cancelling or postponing last minute if need be.

Our intention is to have very small, socially distanced audiences and run these little shows throughout the month of July (or as soon as the regulations loosen enough for us to do so). Ideally, we would use the Tom Patterson Island, as it would allow us total control over the social distance measures during performances (nobody can wander up and stand too close to another person during a performance). I am currently in the application process. All shows run about an hour in length and could be performed at 5, 7 and 9 p.m. allowing for full use of the island during the daytime for picnickers and diners.

Stratford will need to recreate itself this summer with the Festival season cancelled. As a tourist town, we still need to show that Stratford is an inspired, innovative city. For the time being it looks like indoor spaces will be compromised, but we believe it will be healthy for us to gather in Stratford’s idyllic natural areas in a variety of creative ways. It is my belief that people will still want to visit Stratford, certainly from surrounding areas, and concepts like this could help our small businesses weather an extremely difficult year. Here For Now would love to contribute to this kind of vision by creating an intimate, troubadour style experience for people that would be unique and memorable. We believe that this is a defining moment and we greatly desire to be part of a solution for Stratford.

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